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Our Mission

To become the one-stop solution to sustainable procurement.

Our Vision
To empower businesses and organisations to gain access to environmentally beneficial solutions for their everyday sustainability needs.
Our Sustainability Pillars
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Functional Sustainability

At MBF, we believe in the concept of Functional Sustainability, where attributes of material, design and utility encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. 

We create products out of environmentally-friendly alternatives, incorporating simple and classic designs with useful, minimal and recyclable packaging.

Corporate Sustainability

We're here to make a positive impact on a large scale through our partnerships with businesses and corporations. We believe that it is the best way to make a huge impact on sustainability in the world.

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Progressive Sustainability

We are a sustainability company. Through our sustainability journey, we will continue to improve ourselves as we help other companies achieve their own sustainability goals. 

Meet The Team

We are a group of four university students who co-founded MBF. We are extremely passionate about creating products that encourage sustainability, where functional attributes of design and material encourage a sustainable lifestyle.


We have been featured on multiple renowned publications like The Straits Times and Channel News Asia, and have worked with high profile clients to meet their sustainable goals.



Chief Executive Officer



Chief Operating Officer



Chief Sustainability and Design Officer



Chief Marketing Officer

My role at MBF revolves around business strategy, sales, and ensuring that our work at MBF revolves around our Vision.

I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, listening to music, and watching football.

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My role at MBF focuses on making sure our operations run smoothly, everything from our supply chains to our products' delivery.

I enjoy watching shows, movies and playing games over calm summer weekends.

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My role at MBF allows me to marry aesthetics and functionality in providing greater sustainability solutions for others.

I enjoy visiting museums and cafes, as well as spending time with the people I love.

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My role at MBF focuses on generating leads through outreach, acting as the point of contact for clients and branding.

I enjoy watching movies, working out, and spending hours talking with people I like.

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