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Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility with MBF

Using sustainable alternatives backed by certifications,

take your sustainability goals further with MBF.

Our Materials


Plastic Bottles

Recycled Polyester

Cotton Plant

Organic Cotton

Coffee Grounds


A fast-growing plant that requires significantly less amounts of water for irrigation, bamboo fabrics possess impressive antibacterial qualities that equate to fewer incidences of odours and less needs to undergo washing, allowing for significant water savings. 

Bamboo fabrics are also impressively smooth to the touch, often likened to that of silk!

Recyled Polyester

Woven from recycled PET bottles that could otherwise have ended up in our precious water bodies, our recycled polyester fabrics boast impressive mobility. 

The use of our recycled products allows our clients to enjoy the full benefits of Functional Sustainability, where they make investments to change the composition of their corporate goods towards environmentally-friendly alternatives, committing to buying cleaner and greener. 

Organic Cotton

Grown without toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers that could otherwise affect entire ecosystems, our organic cotton fabrics are certified fresh, certified environmentally friendly alternatives to the good old cotton we see in the market eery single day. 

We keep it natural, so that nature can do its part to provide us with the best materials needed to make the best products possible. 


Coffee Grounds

Fully recycled from used coffee grounds, our coffee products are there definition of encouraging and empowering the circular economy. 

Who knows? Our coffee products may just be made from the very grounds from your favourite cafe from out of town!

Interested in embarking on your sustainable journey for your business?

Reach out to us to receive our detailed MBF Product Catalogue now!
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