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Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility with MBF

Using sustainable alternatives backed by certifications,

take your sustainability goals further with MBF.

Our Products

MBF has experience in producing a range of goods with clients. We have extensive experience advising clients on sustainability, design as well as material composition.


We have experience producing Office Supplies, F&B Products, Apparel Goods, Accessories and Packaging that have been certified under internationally-recognised certification standards. 

We work with a variety of materials such as bamboo, recycled polyester, cotton, spandex and coffee grounds, which are all sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable procurement is our specialty. We understand that different clients will have varying needs, depending on the industry and the type of work they partake in. Our team is open to discuss procurement solutions if our clients would like to explore bespoke products and services currently not within our Catalogue.

Our Materials
Our Certifications
Interested in embarking on your sustainable journey for your business?

Reach out to us to receive our detailed MBF Product Catalogue now!
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