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Product packing before the New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas?

Whether it’s out glamping over barbeques in the white mountains or having a family dinner in the tropics, Christmas weekends always hit differently. But before we gather with our friends and family to share the holiday spirit, we often need to spend some time getting some work done and cleared, and at MBF, that normally means going on a field trip!

Shortly before the festive season, the MBF team went to the warehouse to pack our products for our clients. As we have stringent quality requirements for our products and bulk packaging, our warehouse visits serve as our manual product checks, and it works as really good team bonding, because nothing brings people together (or as Glen frequently says, “builds character”) like doing good work in a Lord of the Rings’ Mines of Moria-esque zone in the humid tropics! The team was on form, too - we managed the counts, checked the packaging quality, made sure our products were all in great form and packed everything back in time for early brunch.

We’ll be heading back to the warehouse again soon, as our new clients’ products will be arriving in town soon. Drop us a follow to find out more about our corporate partnerships! We’re in for an exciting 2022.

We wish everyone great health and spirits, and a Happy New Year!

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