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We took part in a designathon!

In October, MBF took part in the Decent Rural Living Initiative (DRLI) designathon to think of creative and sustainable methods to make personal protection equipment (PPEs) even safer for individuals working in palm oil plantations. We are proud to announce that we were awarded Third place!

It was the first time our team had to make considerations for a realm of products we previously had no experience in: safety equipment. Our Chief Sustainability and Design Officer, Keith, and Chief of Marketing, Hwy, worked together to research and propose an innovative solution for harvester gloves worn by workers in the tropics to improve their health and safety. The issues were complex: threats of punctures from thorny palm oil stalks and insect and snake bites, threats of slash wounds from sharp equipment, heat and discomfort in the tropical climate, lack of mobility in favor of protection, etc.

Our team proposed a very simple design inspired by our very own apparel products from existing client solutions, comprising a dual layer structure all made from sustainable alternatives. Our design was recognised for its simplicity, and our team walked away with a US$1,000 cash prize.

The DRLI is a pre-competitive collaboration by five leading palm oil producers - Cargill, Golden Agri-Resources, Musim Mas, Sime Darby Plantation, and Wilmar. These organisations are working together with experts and stakeholders to develop long-term solutions that improve health and safety conditions for agricultural workers in Asia.

MBF will continue to diversify our products and learn as much as we can about as many different types of products and services that could possibly be made greener, all in line with our vision of Progressive and Functional Sustainability, so that we can empower many more clients to take the next, greener step.

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